Info you can find out about instagram competitor

28 Oct 2020
Info you can find out about instagram competitor

Instagram is stingy with the statistics of even your account. Alas, it is impossible to look at the success of competitors in specific figures. But you can try to squeeze everything you need out of the scarce information that we have. Below are some tips for what to look out for first.


First, let's determine the competitiveness of an interesting profile. We look at the date of publication, the number and quality of stories, likes and comments. The logic is simple: the fewer posts and fewer likes, the less danger a competitor poses to us. This analysis should be done first, so as not to waste time.

Audience quality

The next step is to evaluate the signed people. Go through subscribers and look for suspicious empty profiles. Of course, not all of them are bots, but if most of the subscribers are such dummies, then the owner of the page can be suspected of cheating. Whether to deal with this or not is up to you.

If you don't have the time and opportunity to check yourself, or you want to know for sure, then there are services for detecting bots especially for you. For example, SpamGuard. It will show exactly how many inactives are subscribed to the profile.


If all is well with the asset and quality of the audience, then proceed to a more in-depth study of the competitor.

So far, likes and comments are open to the public - this is already good. With this information, you can learn more than you could imagine. For example, the most popular format and the wishes of their audience: for this you need to find the most liked post and analyze it. Ask yourself the question: what is it about this post that I don't have? Can I repeat his success, or is it better to take a different path? Evaluate the comments: among the monosyllabic sentences, a detailed review with a summary of impressions may lurk.

Enter all such assessments useful for development in the table, and then compare with each other. People are different, they want different things, but if there are no obvious contradictions, then pick up and act.

For more specific numbers, there are services that have advanced functions for analyzing your and someone else's account, but you need to use them at your own peril and risk. For comfortable work on Instagram, you can get by with minimal data, if you already know how to correctly analyze and build a plan based on these conditions.