Terms of use

Privacy Policy

1. Terms and definitions.
  • The Service is a website hosted on the Internet Network. The DNS Name is spamguardapp.com. It contains information on services and terms of their rendering, and it permits the registration of the Spamguardapp account.
  • The Customer is an individual who opened a Spamguardapp account in the Service and uses it for his own purposes.
  • Confidential Information is the information about each person, objects, facts, events, effects and processes, regardless of its structure and presentation, specified by the Customer during the registration in the Service and transferred for integration of services, as well as the Login and the Password of an Instagram account.
2. A warranty of confidentiality.
  • The Parties undertake not to publicize Confidential Information without preliminary written acceptance of the Party who is transmitting information.
  • Transmission of Confidential Information through open channels such as telephone, telegraph and fax communication, as well as using the Internet, without the appropriate protection measures is not allowed.
  • Confidential Information can be transmitted without the Customer's consent at the reasonable requirement of authorized State authorities, as far as providing such information meets the requirements of the current legislation. The Customer should be notified in time on transmission of Confidential Information with specifications on the scope and sort of the information disclosed.

Terms of the Return (reimbursement).

In case of detection of insufficiency in the provided services (a period when the service was not rendered), at ones choice, only one should be required:
  • The elimination of defects free of any charge. The deadline for the elimination of deficiencies is equal to the period when the services were not operating.
  • An appropriate reduction of the costs of the rendered services. The price of the rendered service is reduced by the amount corresponding to the period when the service was not provided.
  • A refund of the sum of money paid by the Customer is made within 10 (ten) days from the reception of the requirement (written claim) of the Customer.