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  • Removing inactive followers, ghosts and commercial accounts.
  • Boosting your Instagram reach and engagement.
  • Protecting from phishing and spam.
  • Customizing security setting.
GhostHunter improves your social media presence by identifying and removing ghost, fake, and inactive followers for you. Forget about spam, unwanted followers and comments.

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    Kevin Saavedra
    I’ve actually done my research and it was super hard to find that one mass unsubscribtion service which wouldn't have bad reviews. My main concern was that the account might get blocked. I ended up going with SpamGuard - it was bit slow, but I realise that it’s necessary to avoid being blocked so it is what it is… Otherwise it did its job perfectly and it’s sure is faster than cleaning your account manually
    Tracy W.
    I’ve had more than 50k inactive followers and bots on my Instagram and my real active subscribers stopped seeing my posts on their feed so I figured I’ve probably been shadow banned. I got GhostHunter to mass unsubscribe all those 50k. Thank god now everything is back to normal! Plus I also don’t really get any fake followers any more because of some protecting functions that SpamGuard has.
    Maria Messer
    We have a home and interior decorations Instagram shop. When we just started a few years ago buying followers was a thing. We bought 1 000 so that our potential customers would see us as more established business and would subscribe. Worked for a while but with this new Instagram algorithm we started getting less exposure because of these ghost followers. We certainly had a lot of active ones by that time and the 1 000+ fake ones were just really doing more harm. We tried deleting one by one, but it took a lot of time plus sometimes it’s hard to say if it’s really a bot. We ended up googling “How to delete Instagram followers”, lol There’re a few services out there but we liked that GhostHunter actually shows you different categories and let’s you decide which ones you don’t want. So yeah we went with it and quickly noticed more engagement and more new followers coming cause our posts started being recommended to them!
    Angelika Koroleva
    We use GhostHunter on the regular basis to clean the account of our Instagram store. It’s cheap and super easy to use. We usually delete bots, commercial accounts and inactive followers - it takes literally 3 clicks (I counted!). This boosts the reach and engagement of our account and helps us promote our products more efficiently. Actually, I recently started using GhostHunter for my personal account. I don’t have to consider making it private anymore cause GhostHunter just deletes all the unwanted followers and keeps my Instagram safe. Totally recommend for both commercial and personal use!
    Roman Klevtsov
    I’m the head of the SMM company. Our clients often come to us with issues caused by poor-quality management. One common problem is when clients want to increase their sales by growing their Instagram following and end up just buying fake followers. This doesn’t work - you need real people to get conversions. We implemented SpamGuard into our Instagram management strategy and recommend it to anyone for cleaning and protecting their account. It’s a real lifesaver!


    Here are some of the GhostHunter frequently asked questions
    With new Instagram algorithms it’s not the quantity of the followers of your account that matters but the quality. Fast-unfollow on Instagram helps to increase the Engagement Rate. This also means that your posts and stories will appear in recommendations more often. Your account’s Reach and number of real followers will start increasing.
    The analysis is free, but we will ask you to add a bank card to confirm that you’re not a robot
    The cost is calculated individually. You find out the price using our tool at the bottom of the page.
    Unwanted followers are those which do not contribute to your account’s organic growth and might even be dangerous for your online safety: bots, inactive, commercial or unreachable accounts
    When the account protection feature is activated you decide which categories of followers can follow your account. You can also protect your account from unwanted comments and direct messages
    Instagram bans any “unnatural” activities such as mass unfollowing. We operate in compliance with Instagram guidelines to ensure safety for your account.
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