Using the geotag on Instagram

30 Jun 2020
Using the geotag on Instagram

Geolocation is an important part of a business account that you should not forget about. Most of the business accounts on Instagram are looking for customers just at the place of residence, and without an exact address it will be ... very difficult. Well, will we help your future visitors find you?

What is a geotag

Geotags are a specific location in which you made content, a point on the map where you mark your location. It may be the country, city, or even the institution in which the selfie was taken. However, geotags can be used much more widely than simply indicating the place of rest. This feature is actively used in business to promote goods and services.


How geotags help promote

In fact, the role of geotag in instagram is underestimated by many. And by the way, this simple tool will bring you a lot of feedback and content from customers, which in turn will attract even more people. So, a satisfied customer can mark your place in his photo, saying that you have good service and he is happy with everything. Even if these will not be a review in the literal sense, but just a photograph from your institution, there will be those who will be interested. A similar promotion method is a common occurrence for a coffee shop, restaurant, beauty salon, and so on on the list.

There are many more advantages to having your own geotag. As mentioned above, it has become easier to find you. Now you are literally marked on the map, and everyone who finds you on the Internet will not be forced to look for you on Google maps, driving the address from the profile there. You indicate the address?

How to promote with the geotag

If there is no suitable point for your store, then you can create your geotag through your Facebook account. You will need to make a group of your company and mark it on the map. After that, the dot will also appear on instagram, and you can mark your posts with it. So it looks:


By the way, the geotag is also in the story! So if you are actively filming stories for your business account, then be sure to add this sticker.

You can also add geotags using hashtags, registering the city where you are in them - this way you can also attract customers.