Spam hashtags: harm or benefit

02 Sep 2020
Spam hashtags: harm or benefit

Hashtags are a well-known way of promoting on Instagram. Thanks to him, people find their supporters, new friends, potential customers and, of course, subscribers. But not all hashtags have a positive effect on the account.

What hashtags are considered spam

You've probably seen tags like # like4like, #followback, #follow2follow and so on more than once or twice. This is spam, which is already unmeasured in the application. Every second, someone posts a post with this tag, hoping to quickly and easily reach new audiences, subscribe to them in response, and then, perhaps, quietly unsubscribe. But, alas, this scheme is not working.

You won't get a lot of audience - too much post flow. A maximum of 4-5 people will see you, and even those are unlikely to subscribe. If they subscribe and receive a subscription in return, they will hang like a dead weight until some of you get bored. Because he is not your brow. He is not interested in your posts, your life and the things that matter to you, let alone the products you sell. A beautiful number of subscribers is the only thing that worries people walking on such tags.

Dire consequences

And if you nevertheless decide to sprinkle a new publication with these dubious tags, then be prepared for unpleasant surprises.

First, bots will probably drop by. And bots, as we know, negatively affect performance: the more inactive subscribers you have, the less willingly Instagram is to push you forward in the feed.

Secondly, a shadow ban can be an unpleasant consequence of abuse. This is when your posts are not shown in the feed at all, even to subscribers, and they have to go to their profile to see a new post. With this “stigma”, your asset will fall completely, and getting out of this state is sometimes more difficult than starting a blog again.


What hashtags are worth putting on a post?

Their maximum is 30, but it is better to be limited to 8-15 pieces. It's best to fit within this limit with geolocation (especially if your business depends on the region) and thematic tags. Remember that you need to collect exactly the target audience, so the notes should overlap with the content of the post.

More publications does not mean better. The most popular hashtags are updated every second, and checking all the posts in them is a bad job. The frequency should not be too high, but not too low - so that your post can be seen and so that the tag has at least some audience. Autoselection of similar instagram results will help you choose the best option.