How to Attract Audience With good Instagram Posts

24 Jan 2020
How to Attract Audience With good Instagram Posts

To get the attention of the audience on Instagram is possible with the attractive photo and title. But there is not enough to use a standard title for getting clicks. Here you will read how to get interested in the name and encourage subscribers or accidentally wandered to the page to read the text.

The Internet users are now sophisticated. They want to see something unusual, something crazy. But some triggers always work, regardless of the user's experience. So, if you want to know how to get an interesting title, you should read the article.


If the post has the title like: "It was an unforgivable mistake" or "You don't need it at all!", the user will be surprised at first. And then he will want to know what the mistake was and what he is being dissuaded from.

Imposing services is not uncommon for today, and this approach can still work. Even if the user intuitively understands that the company is unlikely to stipulate itself, it will still click just out of curiosity.

You can also use intrigues with unfinished phrases like: "we give gifts for a simple action, you just need to...", "We were also in doubt until we read this book".


The words "gift", "promotion", "discount" really work today. It is difficult to skip the post, especially on the eve of holidays, when everyone is looking for something to give to relatives and colleagues.

Note. if the post was not found by a subscriber, the offer may be of interest to a random user. People tend to buy on the stock even those products that are not urgently needed.


While making the TOP-lists, you save the user time: they don't have to read and search for the necessary information for the long time. If you sell office supplies, make a selection of "10 free services for designers", if you sell furniture, tell us how to purchase a wardrobe by yourself and instantly. Sure, it is impossible to get the wardrobe in a moment, but the word will attract attention.

Note. The fewer actions the user needs to do, the better. No one wants to waste time on complex guides. Brevity is the sister of talent.

Propose the Sollution

Users go online not only to have fun, but also to solve some problems: save money while shopping, learn how to do makeup or rollerblading.

Experienced companies have learned how to use it. Posts that start with "how" are read by the audience more often. Here are several examples: "How to choose a mini-column with concert acoustics", "how to choose a tour to Europe if you have enough money for Crimea only", "how to combine sneakers and a strict suit".

Even on Instagram, there is a place for news, especially if the changes are urgent for the user. Changes in tariffs or laws are always interesting to the audience, the information is really necessary. Useful content should be supported by an attractive picture, then the chance that the post will be noticed increases.


Users prefer to read short stories than long master classes without editing. All unnecessary things should be deleted: cut both the video and the text to make user find the answer to his question in a few seconds.

As for the preparation, it is better to use personal pronouns: "How we do it", "How I prepare breakfast in a minute", "we share secrets". You can add numbers to the title, because they still magically affect the subscriber: "5 secrets of my attractiveness", "We have reduced the cost by 40 %".

How to Understand the Audience

If the public is active in the community, you can see what they want from the comments. Likes are not always informative, and comments should be studied as carefully as possible. It is easy to overdo with humor, as with seriousness. You should only flirt with your audience if you have carefully studied all the preferences of your audience.

While thinking about the title of the new post on Instagram, keep in mind that the title should be as brief as possible, but at the same time capacious. One word is not enough, 15 is a lot. Perfectly, the length of the post title should be such that the user can read it in 3 seconds.

The most important thing - do not forget to clean Instagram from bots with special services like Spamguard


While working with your post, photos, text, and font are really important. It is worth working carefully on these three factors. The text on the background should be conspicuous and well read. If the text is the main thing, then you should choose a background that does not obscure the meaning of the phrase.